SUNPADOW Competition Shorty Lipo Battery 6000mAh-7.6V-100C/50C-5mm Bullet

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SUNPADOW 2S 7.6V Lipo Battery 100C 6000mAh Hard Case with 5mm Bullet

6000mAh 7.6V low center of gravity lithium battery measures 25.1*47*97mm and weighs about 210g. The low center of gravity and large capacity of the product provide the advantages of control and counterweight for the frame. It is suitable for 1/10 electric off-road.



  • Product Code:554385
  • Product Name:6000-2S2P-7.6V-100C/50C(HV)
  • Configuration:2S2P
  • Capacity:6000mAh
  • Voltage:7.6V
  • Plug:5.0MM
  • Constant Rate:50C
  • Burst Rate:100C
  • Dimensions: 25.1*47*97MM  
  • Weight:210g