ProTek RC Dual Offset Heavy Duty Clamping Servo Horn (Standard) (25T)

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    • The ProTek R/C Dual Offset Heavy Duty Clamping Servo Horn features a dual offset allowing you to choose the best offset for your setup. The 4mm thick horn has a 20mm and 16mm hole spacing threaded for 3mm hardware to suit the geometry and hardware requirements of most vehicles. Package includes one standard length servo horn, one 3x10mm button head screw and one 2x7.5mm clamp screw.

      • Clamp design
      • 20mm & 16.0mm hole spacing (measured from output shaft screw hole, to linkage rod holes, center to center)
      • 4.0mm thick arm
      • 33mm Overall End to End length
      • Linkage holes threaded for 3mm hardware
      • 25T Spline Futaba/Savox/ProTek Output Shaft
      • Unique Mounting Screw: PTK-H-1218