ORCA 1700uF 16V Non-Polarity Capacitor

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    This is ORCA 1700uF 16V Non-Polarity Capacitor.


    • For: ESC

    • Material: Metal

    • Color: Black

    • For use with all 1- 2S ESC from Stock to Modified classes.

    • Orca's ONPC is one of the smallest and lightest of such capacitors in the market.

    • Orca's ONPC provides the best of both size and performance to give you the extra edge over your competition.


    • Size: 20.5mmx16mmx6.9mm

    • Weight: 7.4g

    • Max Voltage: 16V

    • Capacity: 1700uF (36pcs)


    • ORCA 1700uF 16V Non-Polarity Capacitor (1 pc)