Hotwire 3.0 Bluetooth - ESC Programmer

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Unlock the full potential of your Speed Control or Servo with the HotWire 3.0 unit. Connect to Android or iOS devices for Speed Control programming using Bluetooth wireless technology without touching your car, or Windows computers and Android devices using the USB connection. The HotWire provides access to additional tools such as Data Logging, Adjustable BEC settings plus many more in-depth tuning options to fine tune the performance characteristics of your Speed Control.  The HotWire also lets you create and share tweaks and entire track/condition specific profiles with other Tekin users. Best of all the HotWire lets you download* completely new software as it is developed and upload it to your Speed Control or Servo – you get unrestricted access to upgrade your Speed Control or Servo to Tekin’s latest and newest performance mods!  Visit to get the latest software updates for all your Tekin products.